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Biogas plays a significant role in the renewable energy sector, with the particular emphasis being on the economy of biogas plants. By using tried and tested technologies, the efficiency of biogas production can be optimized. The automation and design of the measurement and analysis systems make a long term contribution to optimum gas production in biogas plants.



Whether in small installations with the simplest measurement equipment, or large plants with gas purification and feed-in to the natural gas network, it is always in-dispensable to have key information directly from the process. For this reason, particularly in the field of instrumentation and analysis, a practical design should be prepared at an early stage that will make a lasting contribution to the economic success. A host of measurement solutions are necessary when operating a biogas plant, the delivery of the silage, the supply of the electrical current and heat by the CHP and the feed-in to the natural gas network. In order to determine the process states in the plant, there is a continuous need for information about temperatures, flows, levels, pressures and gas composition. The correct choice of instrumentation and analytical systems has a great influence on the efficiency of the plant. These systems must offer reliability, longevity and ease of operation, as well as the guarantee of the fast and efficient spare parts service.


Talk to SBW from the start as a variety of approaches to the solution can all produce good results, the selection of the ideal measurement procedure is particularly important, not only to achieve reliable measurement, but also to keep operating cost as low as possible. The planning phase therefore has to consider questions such as: radar more economical than ultrasound? How reliable are the measured values obtained in this way? What are the advances of each procedure? These and many other questions demonstrate the importance of a reliable partner and of early planning with the aid of appropriate process and instrumentation expertise.


sbwEnergy GmbH is the reliable partner for advise and design of your biogas plant

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