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Industrial solutions of Solar



sbwEnergy takes care of all the services required by your solar power plant.

We develop, plan and construct large rooftop systems, as well as implementing ground-mounted solar parks.

Working for Local Authorities and private investors, we take care of all services, from feasibility study until turn-key projects.


Photovoltaic-Diesel-Hybrid System

The technology for operation of large and running Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid systems has been available for more than 20 years. Today we are in the position to offer considerable more intelligent, more efficient and more cost-effective systems.

This solution brings you a secured around the clock power for all kind of industry.


Photovoltaic together with batteries

To be secured of 24 hours of electricity we can offer you the newest technology of photovoltaic power plants together with the newest generation of batteries.


For Your Personal requirements don`t hesitate to contact us.


All our photovoltaic modules are made in Germany.


For accurate calculations and to present a binding offer, precise information and facts is required, e.g. the exact location of the facility, the average daily requirement of KWh, day and night peak demand etc.


sbwEnergy GmbH