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Water treatment     

Pure water for our children      

The water treatment and water supply is a permanently growing problem.
The available resources are limited; however, the need in this is increasing continuously.
It is not only the human who needs clean water as an element and source of life, but also a predominately part of the industry.
Water is used in and for different kind of purposes. Such as a banal coolant solution, as basic element for alimentary or as drinking water. There are hardly any processes in which this important element is based.


Water has the attribute to bind and transport all sorts of things. Once the water is going through a process you can establish almost all kind of materials with the right method.
So you could say: „Water has a memory“.
Let us assume that contaminated water has negative features and clean water has positive features.
Because of the enormous increasing water consume it is becoming harder and harder to find water with positive features.
This view gets interesting, when water is used as a basic element. If water is, for example, used in the production of products, the negative features influence the quality of these products in a negative way.


Our system deletes these negative features of the water, by seperating the contaminations (even salt) normally without using chemicals from the water.

You can say, that nothing is added to the water, but the undesirable materials will be removed.

In the result there are two thing available:


It is your decision if you want our system to treat your waste water, water for use, cleaning water or drinking water or to win the commodities out of the water.

In the end however you will Always find the maximum exploitation of the available resources.


Fields of application


Ground water remediation

   Reactive walls, funnel-and-gate, pump-and-treat


Contaminated site remediation   

    Landfill seepage water treatment, soil washing plants


Commercial waste water

    Galvanics glass industry, photo industry, metal and steel works


Special civil engineering

    Water retention


Rain drainage water from metal roofs

     Metal roofs, seepage pools


Drinking water treatment

     Waterworks, house filters


Lake restoration




Oil and Gas industry

      Water treatment refineries, drilling etc.


 Power Plants


























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